Ron Ron Juice To Hit Liquor Stores This Year! [Video]

The secret blended brew the "Jersey Shore" housemates crave will soon be available outside of their famed Seaside Heights house. Slated to hit liquor stores before the end of 2012, Ron Ron Juice is steps away from being sold across the Garden State and beyond, and Ronnie The Creator is pumped.

While he kept quiet about each teaspoon the recipe calls for, he assured two New York City radio show hosts yesterday that some signature watermelon chunks will find their way into the concoction. And, ideally, each serving will still provide its consumer with two cups of crazy, because it'd just be an ordinary cocktail if furniture didn't end up on the side porch by the end of the evening.

+ Watch Ron's interview below for more info on his novelty beverage ventures, and tell us if you'd ever pick up a bottle or two of mass-produced Ron Ron Juice as a BBQ accompaniment (if you're of age...). Speaking of which, can we expect a virgin alternative, too, Ron?

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