Daniel Struggles With The Pressure To Secure A Win [Sneak Peek]

The stress of impressing a girlfriend's parents is enough to make a guy come apart at the seams. But when that girlfriend has sadly passed away and her parents have come to watch you fight in her honor on the anniversary of her death, that's more than most people could handle. As if bouncing back from being KO'd in the cage wasn't pressure enough for Daniel...

The biggest and blondest guy in Minden is amping up for a fight in this sneak peek of Monday's all-new "Caged," and he's got a lot on his shoulders. Beyond the fact that Hannah's parents have come to watch him fight, her mother has never been to a match before and has specifically come to this particular fight in hopes that Daniel's performance could help distract her from the pain of losing her daughter. Daniel looks like he's in the zone--even "Danger" notices his laser-focus--but he's still reeling from his previous loss and unsure he can live up to everyone's expectations.

+ Check out the clip below and tell us if you think Daniel can pull out the win when it matters most.

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