6 Former Celeb Couples We'd Cast For 'Battle Of The Exes'

With "Battle of the Exes" premiering Wednesday, we couldn't help but think about other former celebrity couples who might benefit from being teamed up together. Perhaps by spending time in close quarters, they could finally work through the bad mojo that split them up in the first place and rekindle the happier times. Or even better, entertain us with the nonstop drama that would surely come from being forced to live together. Here, six ex supercouples we think should appear on the show.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

These two only managed to stay married for 72 days, so how long would they last as teammates? (We think 72 minutes.) As for how they would fare in the competition, Kris is a big dude--not to mention a pro-baller--so he would have a definite height advantage over the other guys, but Kim's diva attitude would probably get them sent to the The Dome right away.

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne

As we reported earlier this month, the former "Hills" hunk and his pop star girlfriend went splitskies. Since their friends have said a reconciliation is possible, competing on "The Challenge" could be just what they need to bring them back together. In our dreams, the duo would square off in The Dome against Brody's other famous ex, Lauren Conrad, and her former flame Jason Wahler. Imagine the drama!

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer once said that her former husband was missing "a sensitivity chip," and Brad recently suggested that he divorced her because she was boring. Ouch! We know he's moved on to Angelina, but that's what makes the idea of seeing the former golden couple compete so interesting. Pairing up to take down other exes would be a great way for them to make up once and for all. And we're sure Angie wouldn't mind the two hanging out...right?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

We were bummed when @aplusk and @mrskutcher called it quits, but we'd like to think that somehow they could still work it out. The "Punk'd" producer would no doubt love the thrill of competition--and the chance to hang out with so many hot women. So, yeah, on second thought, maybe bringing Ashton and Demi to "The Challenge" would only make their relationship more of a disaster.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

One of the reasons the California gurl and British bad boy reportedly split up was because they were too busy to spend time together. Well, "Exes" would definitely give them ample opportunity to hang out and bond over problem-solving challenges. Plus, since Katy loves to party, she would definitely fit in with the other fiery players!

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

Yes, they're both happily involved with other people now, but admit it: You're still pining for a reunion between "The Notebook" sweethearts. These two are so nice there's no way they'd get into any screaming matches--if anything, being paired up in a tropical paradise would probably reignite old feelings. Another bonus for viewers: The beach setting means we'd get plenty of chances to see Ryan's amazing abs!

+Which celebrity exes would you want to see on "The Challenge"? Sound off in the comments!

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