Deena On Her Ratty Hair And The Art Of The Dance Battle [Video]

Team Meatball had a damn good time on tonight's "Jersey Shore," though Deena's precious Rapunzel-length locks narrowly escaped a full-on buzz cut due to the bosom buddies' misadventures. After playing in the salty ocean waves, helping Snooki stay upright amid a drunken stupor and engaging in an "ABDC"-worthy dance battle with some Seaside townies, the Blast in a Glass couldn't find a hairbrush capable of sorting through her doubled-duty weaves, which appeared to have formed into a nesting center for rats and their young. In our latest "Jersey Shore Hook-Up," she tries to make sense of the unnatural disaster, saying "We came right from Italy, so my extensions were not up to par, and I had the clip-ins on top of my fused-in extensions, so they were just getting all tangled in together." Who knew so much was going on inside there?

But a bad hair day didn't stop her and Snooks from fearlessly challenging a group of Glow Stick-wielding guidos at Aztec. Check out the below clip to hear her give a play-by-play of the battle in pure onomatopoeia form (we knew that word would eventually come in handy!). It goes a little something like this: "Just BOOM! The Jersey's like, BEAM! And everybody's like, ahhhh, alriiiiight." Ya dig?

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