Naomi Threatens Anyone That Touches Her 'Exes' Teammate [Video]

The most entertaining thing about hearing "Challenge" newbie Naomi discuss her already established partner Leroy is her brutal New York honesty. While some "Battle of the Exes" competitors have been keeping mum and playing coy about their hookup prospects (we're looking directly at you, Camila), Naomi waited all of a minute before she made her feelings for her former Sin City roommate crystal clear.

Below, check out the interview she and her teammate did with us, in which Naomi shares the following warning for any gal that may have their eyes on Roy Lee. "I would kill him and kill the girl, and probably bury them in the same bed together." (Sounds like Naomi's watched "Fatal Attraction" one too many times.) This comes as no surprise given that she recently tweeted similar sentiments. Guess it's safe to say the Trash Man is gonna have to keep his junk in the bin while cruising around the Dominican Republic.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes