Leah's Entertained By Corey's Understanding Of Coal [Bonus Scene]

Frustrated by a phone call with the geneticist during last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Leah met with Corey to vent about Ali's conflicting diagnoses. After believing that her daughter's test results were normal, the doctor followed up and said Ali could still have a rare disease known as skeletal dysplasia, but they wouldn't be able to test her for another year. Rather than obsess over the unknown for all 12 months, the young couple decided to focus some of their attention on their careers.

In the bonus scene below, Corey comes home from coal-mining class and excitedly tells Leah everything he learned about the history of the sedimentary rock. He's been talking with friends about becoming a coal miner for a while, and this is the first step at achieving that goal. Amusingly, Leah can't keep a straight face when Corey tells her that coal and dinosaurs are one in the same.

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