'Danger' Is Our 'Caged' Winner Of The Week!

During Monday night's "Caged," Wes and Daniel were unable to compete due to their injuries (from a bar fight and KO punch, respectively), leaving Matt the only one to fight in the octagon. Not only did he show us how he earned the nickname "Danger," he also proved why he was worthy of being crowned this week's winner.

He Commits To His Dream

All the Minden boys on "Caged" aspire to be professional MMA stars, but Danger's so determined to fulfill his dream that he quit his job to focus on training full time. He also took a step that most twenty-somethings would dread: moving back in with his mom (pictured above).

He's On The Path To Stardom

Danger trains with the Karate Mafia, and the group of amateur fighters are like his second family--they even helped him move back into his mom's house. But although all the guys in Karate Mafia have a desire to become professional fighters, only Danger was interviewed for the local news station. Following his TV appearance, he believed the media exposure would help him become a well-known fighter.

He's Not Afraid To Shave His Legs

Matt was in "danger" (heh heh) of not being able to compete because he was a few pounds over his weight-class requirements. Desperate to shed, the trim fighter resorted to shaving his legs to make it. Luckily he qualified for the match and earned a decisive victory over his opponent. Danger was happy to have his supportive family watching him, but he must have been even more excited that his new girlfriend Laura was in attendance.

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