A Johnny And Camila Hookup Feels Like A Safe Bet [Video]

Back on "Cutthroat," Camila put a huge target on her back and made herself a team outcast when she couldn't resist the charm of her then-opponent Johnny. Everyone assumed he was just using her like a chess piece, and even though she was attracted to him, ol' JB kept her at a distance because of his girlfriend back home. Well, guess what? Now he's single, and they're paired up on "Battle of the Exes"! So will the Chiquita finally get a peek of his Bananas?

In our exclusive interview with the team, Jomila talk about their hookup prospects. They dance around the subject of getting together and claim to be just buddies (he considers her a friend that knows how to make him laugh; she blushes while he compliments her), deflecting the big question by talking about the rest of the house. Whatever, we totally spy sexual tension. Don't you?

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Photo: Rene Cervantes

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