Could You Date A 'Caged' Fighter?

Ladies, we all have a type. Some of you like a guy with "Teen Wolf"-type scruff, while others have strict height requirements. Personally, we just like a dude who treats us nice; however, we wouldn't be mad if he happened to come with a lean-muscled body like those of MTV's "Caged" boys.

A fine physique is one of the perks of calling an MMA fighter your man, but dating a guy who throws punches for sport also means dealing with seeing him get hurt. Now that you've had a chance to witness the lives of rookie cage fighters up close, do you think you could date one? Are the lifestyles of these fierce fighters something you could handle on a daily basis or are you looking for a little less "danger"? Take the poll and sound off in the comments!

Could you date a fighter?

  • Absolutely, I prefer it!
  • No way, violence makes me cringe.

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