'Teen Mom' Soundtrack Helps Spread Awareness About Unplanned Pregnancy

No loyal viewer of "Teen Mom" or "Teen Mom 2" has escaped at least one of their hour-long episodes without reaching for a box of Kleenex and sobbing like a fool. Both series' evoke so many different emotions--whether it's sadness from witnessing a young mother's confusion over her baby's undiagnosed health issues, happiness due to seeing a cast member experience a moment of empowerment, or flat out frustration from watching more than one of them repeat the same self-destructive mistakes, it's almost impossible not to become personally invested in each of the girls' stories. Through it all, carefully selected songs playing in the background heighten our mixed feelings yet comfort us all the same.

Today, MTV releases a commercial soundtrack for "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2," with proceeds being donated to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. The soundtrack, which incorporates a selection of emerging artists, will be available digitally for six months. Check out the track list below, learn more about the artists at MTV Buzzworthy and hit up iTunes to help raise teen pregnancy awareness with the purchase of music already proven to make you verklempt.

1. E For Explosion - "This Is Me Being Honest"

2. The Wealthy West - "Give Me Resurrection"

3. Automatic Empire - "Nothing Real Can Last Forever"

4. One Hundred Paces - "Rise and Fall"

5. Lennon Sloane - "Bigger Than Us"

6. Ian Love - "Take My Hand"

7. Desert Noises - "Tell Me You Love Me"

8. Dave Thomas Junior - "Until We Head Into The Stars"

9. Blackchords - "Raise My Hands"

10. Andy Davis - "Hard To Believe"

11. The Rocketboys - "On The Other Side"

12. Jay Malinowski - "There's A Light"Ian Love - "Take My Hand"

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