MTV Twitter Roundup: Naomi Marks Her 'Exes' Territory

We may have thought "Duster" was a cute couple name for "Battle of the Exes" teammates Heather and Dustin, but earlier this week, Dustin tweeted his own suggestion: "Team Ken and Barbie." (Hmm, isn't that selling themselves a little short?) The beautiful couple's old chums and fellow "Challenge" competitors Leroy and Naomi sealed their alias long ago (Leomi!), but their jealousy issues seem far from straightened out. Naomi took to Twitter to stake her claim and ensure that no one else in the house--or perhaps in the world--hits on her partner. Leroy, of course, is only focused on the money. That sounds like a problem in the making, which means we are definitely tuning in come Jan. 25.

Elsewhere, "San Diego" alum Ashley (of Team ZAshley) was rooting for none other than Pauly D, who met Seaside's most guilt-trodden klepto on Thursday night's "Jersey Shore." The jury's still out on why the jewelry thief returned the goods, but Ash agrees with the DJ on one thing: Girl definitely didn't need her shoes!

Check out what they and other MTV stars were up to this week:

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