'Exes' Teammates Mark And Robin Are Fuzzy On Their Past [Video]

If you don't remember the days when beefcake Mark and outspoken Robin were an item, it might be because their tryst was short-lived. They met on "Battle Of The Sexes 2," where he eventually took the bronze with then-partner (and now opponent) Aneesa, and while Mark and Robin have gone their separate ways since then, they've been paired up on this steamy season of "The Challenge." So are there still feelings there, or has this duo totally moved on?

In our exclusive interview below, the former lovebirds disagree about the details of their past (Robin seems to think they lived together at one point, but he's not so sure), as well as their chances on "Exes." Even though Mark hasn't competed since "The Duel 2," he's in great shape and is banking on one little factor to help them do well. Robyn’s lost her voice, which means she can’t get into any (more) verbal confrontations. Hey, whatever works.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes

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