4 O.G. MTV Veejays You Should Really Know About

MTV's original tastemakers in 1983.

Ever wondered why our name is Remote Control? Aside from the obvious play on words, there's actually another, more important reason. In the '80s, MTV regularly aired a super-rad game show, which, along with "Club MTV," was one of the network's first series. "Remote Control" ran for three seasons (1987-1990) and was hosted by Ken Ober, who passed away in 2009, and showcased young comedic talent such as Adam Sandler. It was pretty groundbreaking for the network to introduce non-music video programming, and without the show, this blog may have never existed. (Or maybe it just would've been called MTV Show Blog.)

Anywho, what's the whole point of this trip down memory lane? We just learned from the Associated Press that four of our original veejays scored a book deal, and it totally fired us up to get you (re)acquainted with MTV's heyday.

Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn are signed up to write "an 'uncensored' oral history of the music channel," the AP reported. "The veejays will talk about everything from partying with Van Halen to a disastrous 'Paint the Mutha Pink' contest with 'Pink Houses' singer John Cougar Mellencamp." Since you might not remember some of these innovators--or have absolutely no clue who they are--we posted a throwback video and put together a mini cheat sheet to get you pumped for the book's release. Check it out:

Alan Hunter

This early bird jumped on the MTV bandwagon three weeks before it launched, and as a result, conducted the network's first interviews with Duran Duran, Madonna and Billy Idol.

Martha Quinn

Her girl-next-door personality won over the masses, which was evidenced by Rolling Stone readers, who voted her "MTV's Best-Ever VJ."

Nina Blackwood

This VJ-turned-actress/model got her start at MTV and eventually appeared on Access Hollywood and VH1.

Mark Goodman

After leaving his post at WPLJ radio, the dude famous for his curls joined the network and eventually hosted "The Week In Rock" and "120 Minutes."

+ Do you remember any of MTV's old-school Veejays, or did you ever watch "Remote Control"? Tell us in the comments!

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Photo: Mark Weiss/WireImage