That's What You Said...About Vinny's Courage To Reveal His Anxiety Issues

Season 5 of "Jersey Shore" has introduced us all to a new side of Vinny. The typically happy-go-lucky cast member has always been calm and levelheaded, but as we saw during last night's episode, his anxiety became unmanageable and he had no choice but to depart Seaside earlier than expected. In our special "Jersey Shore Hook-Up with Vinny," he spoke openly about having chronic anxiety and what he was experiencing when he left the house. Many fans felt strongly about his big reveal--here's what some of you said on Remote Control and Facebook:

Remote Control:

"Vinny taught me something tonight, I have wrestled with anxiety for over 5 years now. I am going to take steps in recovering and ask for help. This episode really was amazing and taught me about myself. I know exactly what Vinny was going through--everything around you just suffocates you and you feel isolated." -- IamAwesome247

"People are weirdos. The more you have, the more emotional issues you have?? That's crazy. Vinny seems to have a loving, supportive family, friends, etc. And he has anxiety? I'm sorry, I'm not buying it. People make up excuses for everything. It's crap." -- TooReal4Ya

"I really felt Vinny's talk about anxiety was extremely important as well as helpful. It really touched I'm going through the same kind of thing. Him discussing this issue makes you feel like you're not least for me. I appreciate his honesty and courage to even consider talking about it." -- Sweet Like Candy?

"To all you d***heads that said he should of stayed, you are ******. If someone has a mental issue big or small, you still need to get help! Just cause he's making millions doesn't mean he's happy." -- Kendall

Facebook (in response to Vinny's PSA, which you can see below):

"Anxiety is a real problem, just because people are on TV, doesn't mean they're not real people with real problems. All these punks on here talk trash about how he's a mama's boy, they don't know that's the Italian way. If they had a great woman in their life, they would know what was up. Get better, Vinny!" -- Tiffany

"I'm proud of Vinny and think he's doing the right thing and taking care of himself. I have had Panic Disorder for 25 years and it is horrible, you never know when it is going to hit and when it does you feel like you are going to die. I applaud him for dealing with it for as long as he did." -- Donna

"I am glad Vinny made this public. Lots of people on not aware they have General Anxiety Disorder. It took me years of suffering before I was diagnosed and was put on a non-addictive anxiety med that helps the brain retrain itself." -- Seven

+ There seems to be a divide among Vinny's fans, as not everyone understands his mental struggle. Visit if you're interested in learning more about the disorder and feel free to keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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