#IJustWant To Go To Another 'Pants' Party [Photos]

'Pants' star Jordan Carlos shows me and colleague Brandon Freeberg his Dizzy Gillespie impression.

Last night, while the rest of Team Remote Control was live-tweeting Episode 2 of "Jersey Shore," I ventured over to Brooklyn for night one of a three-part "Pants" celebration. "I Just Want My Pants Back," MTV's new hyper-hipster series about Jason Strider and his irreverent friends trying to survive in New York City (sigh, aren't we all?), premieres on Feb. 2 at 11/10c, and to help promote the new show, the network took over Williamsburg's gritty performance space, Public Assembly.

The doors to the mini-warehouse opened at 8 p.m. sharp, and by 8:20, the locals had filled the venue and nonchalantly assumed their spots at the cocktail area, quickly depleting the open bar of all its openness. Some bit the bullet and paid for their PBRs; others stayed dry and ventured over to the photo booth, where Nicky Digital snapped portraits of friends happily holding a chalkboard with the #IJustWant hashtag emblazoned on the top.

If you're interested in getting a chance to hobnob with the cast during the next two parties, keep your eyes glued to @MTVPants for more deets. We might see you in line!

Hope all these guys got in!

Carlos and costar Nick Kocher ham it up for the cameras.

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Photos: Casey Freeman, NickyDigital.com