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Season 5 of "Jersey Shore" has seen its fair share of drama thanks to Snooki and Mike and a hint of romance between Deena and a new dude, but no one saw a certain theme coming that has grown and flourished beyond our expectations: culinary greatness. Last week it came in the form of #PickleJuice, and this week, we were granted savory delight of Chicken Cutlets to accompany.

After Snooks had a few too many to celebrate her housemates' fateful return to favorite Seaside Heights club Karma, Snooks' drunken dance floor alter ego enforced the point to Jionni, who never asked, that she just wanted to make him chicken cutlets. We weren't quite sure why, or what made him suddenly undeserving, but as soon as Snooks uttered the words, the Twitterverse at large took notice to her hilarious, context-less line. Here are some of our favorite breaded game sentiments:

"I wish Fordham had the facilities to make chicken cutlets so I could make them for my men just like @Snooki #IfOnly" -- @GinaDamond

"Burning your face off may be #PaulyDProblems but not being able to cook chicken cutlets is #snookiproblems (;" -- @CGracee3

"The only reason Vinny is leaving is to get some homemade chicken cutlets #JerseyShore" -- @LandB14

"@Snooki talkin' about chicken cutlets wasted sounds just like me talkin' nonsense when I'm knocked. Hahaha classic" -- @MeliMel_519

"Day and night life of jersey shore members: Gym, tan, laundry, Karma, smush and chicken cutlets." -- @JaMexicana

"I bet chicken cutlets sell out tomorrow after this #JerseyShore episode lol" -- @BummyDavis

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