Facebook Fans Give Jenelle Advice On Controlling Her Temper

Once Kieffer found out that Jenelle saw her ex-boyfriend while he was in jail, his jealousy got the best of him and he said he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore. He completely ignored Jenelle at first, but when he finally came over her place to talk, things got ugly. Following her breakdown outside, Facebook fans of the series jumped online to share their thoughts about her temper. Here's a sprinkling of the insight some of them shared:

"My advice to both is to get away from each other and take anger management classes. I have never lost my temper like that." -- Cindy

"Jenelle, listen to your mom. She's right. It may seem to you as if she's not right, but if you take a chance to listen to her advice, then later you will be very glad you took a chance to listen to her. Change your life." -- Bridgit

"I have never lost my temper like that and my advice to Jenelle would be for her to end her relationship with Kieffer because it's not healthy at all; he doesn't respect her, and she's blinded with this relationship that she won't pay enough attention to Jace." -- Daniela

"I have lost my temper in a fight but it was over someone who is worth fighting for. Kieffer obviously didn't care and Jenelle needs to find someone who is willing to fight for her and help her better herself." -- Joleen

"I have lost my temper like that, and after you regret it, which I'm sure she does. It makes you look stupid. So my advice for Jenelle would be just think about what you're doing before you do it." -- Hannah

+ What do you think of everyone's opinions? Sound off in the comments and share your own tips for staying calm.

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