Dustin And Heather Are Intimidated By 'Challenge' Veterans [Video]

Heather and Dustin’s honeymoon phase on "Real World: Las Vegas" came to an abrupt halt when she discovered his secret gay porn past from her mother of all people. While the embarrassment alone was reason enough to steer clear of the tall drink of water, she wound up falling for him hard. It's been many months since we've seen the two on camera together, and even though they split up following their time in Sin City, they're back together as teammates on the upcoming season of "The Challenge."

Sure, they went their separate ways after "Real World," but as we learned in the interview below, nothing could keep the former lovebirds apart for long. Heather says they had a lot of trust issues to work out, especially after the episodes aired, but now that they rebuilt their relationship from scratch, Team Duster is a definite "Exes" contender. Minus the fact that they're rookies.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes