Kailyn And Jo Can't Agree On Child Support [Sneak Peek]

Ever stop to think just how much we rely on our cars? Unless you live in a city with reliable public transportation, it's almost impossible to lead a regular life without having your own vehicle, which is what Kailyn learned on the latest episode of "Teen Mom 2." After an unfortunate accident, the go-getter was forced to buy new wheels, leaving her completely cash-strapped and seriously considering filing for child support. Her expenses were becoming unmanageable and she believed it was time Jo stepped up and contributed more.

In this sneak peek of Episode 8, the two parents sit down to discuss finances. The court's asking Jo to pay $470 a month, but he's not comfortable with losing roughly half of his paycheck since they're not dating anymore. Unfortunately, they can't come to a civil agreement so they have no choice but to continue the debate in the courtroom.

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