A Wounded Wes Considers Proposing To Red [Sneak Peek]

A busted hand from a bar brawl holds Wes back from training properly with a friend in a sneak peek of Monday's all-new "Caged," but the fighter's physical agony has an unexpected effect on his brain: He's suddenly considering popping the question to his on-again/off-again girlfriend, Red. We can only imagine what epiphanies a snapped femur might bring about.

After taking a pain-induced break from sparring with a friend, Wes notes how tough it is to compete in the MMA world (or the bar fight world) without insurance when the risk of injury is ever-present. The talk turns to how nice it would be to have the security of a dual income to soften the blow of seeing a doctor, and Wes hints that he thinks nurses make pretty good money. When he moves the conversation into marriage territory, his friend looks at him like he's crazy and points out that Wes is only 23, but Wes says that having a child makes a person older than numbers indicate.

+ Check out the clip and tell us if you think the fighter, father and occasional boyfriend is ready to take on a husband's responsibilities.

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