Wes Is Our 'Caged' Winner Of The Week!

Hey "Caged" fans! Each week we're going to crown the champion of the episode based on the fighter we felt scored the highest--inside and outside the cage. For the premiere, soft-spoken single dad Wes nabbed the title over Daniel and "Danger." Read on to see why we thought Wes was the big winner!

He Sweats It Out

Wes went to amazing lengths to make sure he could compete in his big MMA match. Not many people would sit inside a car on a hot day to sweat off the pounds in a sauna suit, but he was determined to slim down so he could compete in his weight class. Since he only lost 3 pounds from the car stunt, Wes was stoked when he made the cut by just 1 pound. Unlike "golden boy" Daniel, Wes didn't have a lot of money to support his MMA dreams, so the fact that he was able to meet the match requirements was a victory in itself.

His Guarantees Are Good

Pity the dude who has to battle Wes in the cage! He was so pumped up and ready to fight that he guaranteed he'd win his match. Once Jaxon's dad entered the cage, he easily took out his opponent just as he promised. After he won, he did a little victory dance and then boasted to the adoring crowd that "[The other fighter] was hitting me but it wasn't even hurting."

Our Girl Red Has His Back

Of the "Caged" trio, only Wes' significant other (ex-girlfriend Red) attended his match. This was pretty significant, considering the two split up three months ago and were still hashing out the details when it came to caring for their baby. Still, Wes' performance in the cage was no doubt amped up by the presence of his ex, who enthusiastically cheered him on even when she couldn't bear to watch.

+Do you think Wes is this week's "Caged" champion? Let us know in the comments!

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