Nate And Priscilla Will Use Sex Appeal To Form 'Exes' Alliances [Video]

"Real World: San Diego" fans should be very familiar with the make-out sesh that went down between Nate and Priscilla during the first night in their pimp palace. The two played it cool after their initial hookup, but once the Crab Circle crawled across the border, 'Scilla's sexual alter ego, Dizzy Scrizzy, couldn't help herself and wound up making another play for her roommate. Even though Nate rejected her in Cabo San Lucas, she may just have another shot, as they've been paired together for this season's "Challenge."

Unlike many of the teams on "Battle of the Exes," Nilla's romance never led to intense feelings, and it certainly didn't end with a dramatic blowout, so will their casual camaraderie end up working to their advantage? In the interview below, the cocky freshmen certainly seem to think so. "Tongue-spanking," as Nate so eloquently puts it, is their prime tactic for world domination. We wish them well.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes