'True Life' Check-In: Tee's Chasing Chub Seven Days A Week

Tonight's "True Life" explored the stories of two men who modeled their love lives after the motto, "The bigger, the better." Tee enjoyed dating heavier girls because he believed they were more attractive and drama-free, and Justin loved his chubby "bear" boyfriend, but struggled to get his parents on board. We had an opportunity to check in with them to find out how their lives have changed since filming stopped--take a look at the follow-up Q&As below:


Are you still only dating plus-size girls?

I'm going to school, which is my main focus, but I'm also attempting to have seven big chicks for the week. I plan on chilling single until I find my thick queen. But as I've been saying from day one, I won't let one big spoiled girl ruin me.

What was it like sharing your story with us?

It was definitely a learning experience. I feel we live in a society where big girls don't get enough recognition. Things may not have worked between me and Ashley, but I'm cool with life right now.


Has your relationship with your parents changed since you and your father spoke?

My parents and I speak more freely than before. Even though it's still a gradual process, we are making steps toward being more open with each other. My mother and I speak all the time about my relationship with Josh. She mentioned to me for the first time that we should get married before taking any more major steps like having joint accounts and buying property.

How is Josh's health?

Josh is monitoring his health more regularly. He has picked up cycling and is planning to do a marathon in the spring. I'm so proud of him, and he's gonna look HOT in the cycling outfit!

What was it like sharing your story with us?

This was an amazing experience. I am no hero. I am no idol. I am here as I am, and if who I am convinces somebody to come out of the closet, speak to their parents or hold their loved one closer, then I am happy.

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