JWOWW Puts Marriage Wreckers And Other Types Of 'Bitches' On Blast

There are three kinds of girls JWOWW doesn't like. (Actually, we suspect there are more, but for today's purposes, the number is three.) In her latest official website post, the "Jersey Shore" siren takes aim at some "bitches you might see on the scene," and true to form, she tells her fans what she really thinks of them.

At the top of her burn book are the Marriage Wreckers, the type of women that know a guy is hitched and could care less. "In fact, it turns them on," she writes. Never one to gloss over the dude's responsibility, she notes that he's just as guilty if he goes for the bait. "If the guy is willing to cheat, he deserves whatever he’s got coming to him. Both of them are trash in my book."

Next on the list are the Fakers, though she makes the clear distinction between those who choose to "heighten their attributes with breast augmentation, hair extensions and nails" and the real culprits, whose entire being is inauthentic. "They don’t look human, and they may even go as far as making up a name because they can't even keep their identity real," she seethes. We hope Jocelyn "The Catwoman" Wildenstein didn't hear that.

Lastly, there's the Drama Queen. This is the chick who's always itching for a fight "because she’s insecure and wants to be the center of attention." If you watch enough MTV, you may or may not know exactly what she's talking about.

We're not sure what spawned the hit list, but something tells us Roger's been getting a lot of attention from the ladies ever since he showed his face (and hulking muscles) on the "Shore." Jenni always has been the jealous type...

+ What do you think of JWOWW's categorizations? Know anyone who falls into them? Sounds off in the comments!

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Photo: Ian Spanier