Jenelle Creates A Fake Facebook Account To Spy On Kieffer [Bonus Scene]

Even though Jenelle was overwhelmed with loneliness while Kieffer was behind bars on domestic violence charges, she wasn't completely at a loss, as we learned during Episode 7 of "Teen Mom 2." While he was locked up and presumably pondering his wrongdoings, she secretly hung out with her ex-boyfriend. After Kieffer was released from the clink and got wind of this info, his jealousy took over and he told Jenelle that she wasn't ready to be his girlfriend.

In this bonus scene from last night's episode, Jenelle is devastated by their split and decides to create a phony Facebook account of a hot girl to see if she can get Kieffer's attention. Her mother Barbara even takes an interest in the scheme, claiming that "Chloe" is a great name for the bait. While they seem to bond over the idea, it's unfortunate that Jenelle feels the need to stoop down to her ex's level.

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