New 'Jersey Shore' Couple Alert: Pauly D And...Ronnie? [Sneak Peek]

Someone's been cheating in the "Jersey Shore" house, and this time we're not talking about Snooki. Unbeknownst to us, while Vinny's been feeling blue, his long-term boyfriend, Pauly D, has been filling the void by sleeping around with Ronnie! Just wait till Sammi gets wind of this.

In the below sneak peek of Thursday's all-new episode, Ron climbs into bed with Pauly in the middle of the night looking for a little affection in the form of the spoon position. While the adulterous gorilla feels a little guilty about monopolizing Vin's man, cuddling with Britney Spears' tour DJ is a chance too titillating to pass up.

But you know how things go the morning after with these guys. Pauly feels slighted that Ron wasn't there when he woke up (and didn't even offer to call him a cab!). "I never felt so violated in my life," he relays to his secret lover. Guilt-tripping over his snuggle buddy's frustration, Ron offers to buy him breakfast--but unfortunately, the damage may already be done. Take a look and be sure to check out Episode 2 of "Jersey Shore" Thursday night at 10/9c.

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