Tweet #Exes For A First Look At The 'Challenge' Premiere!

We know what you're thinking: It was all well and good that veteran competitor Paula finally got a first-place finish on "Rivals," but it's about time for a new "Challenge" champ to be crowned ('s Paula again). And since "Battle of the Exes" isn't set to premiere for another two weeks, and you guys seem desperate to dive right into the amalgam of failed relationships, we're going to give you a little sneak peek...IF you scratch our backs first.

To catch a first look at the season premiere, all fans of the game need to do is tweet anything that includes "#Exes" between now and Jan. 25 at 10 p.m. If the hashtag count gets up to 5,000, we'll stop everything we're doing and post on the first TWELVE minutes of the Producer's Cut of the first episode--which includes exclusive footage that won't actually air on the network. Not kidding--the moment we see 5-0-0-0, the sound of dropped double lattes will echo through our office halls, and we'll rush back to our desks to deploy the scintillating footage.

So, what can happen in a dozen minutes? Dis-FRIGGIN'-comfort, for one thing, as TJ Lavin announces each team of former lovebirds. Hop to it, viewer, or may you pay the price of leaving CT and Diem's reunion unseen for 14 more days. You'll have only yourself to blame...

UPDATE: Keep it up, "Challenge" fans. We've counted about one-thousand tweets so far.

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