Check Out Bianca Lawson On The 'Teen Wolf' Set! [Photos]

Bianca Lawson, as Ms. Morrell, looks ready to guide the students of Beacon Hills High School.

Days ago, it seemed like an eternity might pass before fans could catch Bianca Lawson's spot as Ms. Morrell, the new guidance counselor on "Teen Wolf." But now, you can check out the former "Vampire Diaries" witch in action, thanks to some very generous production photographers and the show's own Tumblr page. So, what's Ms. Morrell's first plan of attack as Beacon Hills High School's advice-giver? The classic "What do you see in this photo?" exercise, evidently. She'll need to be a bit more cunning if she expects to survive the likes of the new Alpha Wolf.

While Lawson perfects lines behind a desk, it looks like the rest of the set is abuzz as well. The last few shots on MTV's "Teen Wolf" photo-sharing site include Colton Haynes and Keahu Kahuanui as Jackson and Danny poring over homework in the library, Holland Roden getting ready for a wardrobe session and Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien walking the "Teen Wolf" costumer's daughter down the hall in quite a gentlemanly fashion.

+ Take a look at all the behind-the-scenes photos of the show you can stomach, and stay tuned for the latest in "Teen Wolf" Season 2!

Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey walk "Teen Wolf" costumer Barbara Vasquez-Buer's adorable daughter down the hall.

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Photos: Jeff Davis and Barbara Vasquez-Buer