Pauly D And Queen Latifah Compare Tans On 'Leno' [Video]

The tanning addict demos his spray technique for the Queen.

Pauly D is not afraid to speak openly about his illness. We're referring, of course, to the naughty case of tanorexia he caught in Florence. A condition brought on, he explained during the Season 5 premiere, by a lack of accessible and adequate "Jersey Shore"-approved UV beds.

Last night, the DJ visited "The Tonight Show" and opened up to host Jay Leno further about what being a 'rex feels like. "I have to hold a tan at all times; if I don't, I start hyperventilating," he said, before showing off his potent prescription drug: a bottle of his own tanning spray. Queen Latifah, who just finished her interview with Jay, was mildly intrigued by Pauly's melanin deficiency and offered up her forearm so they could compare and contrast shades. (We're reallllly tempted to make a "S*** White Girls Say To Black Girls" reference here.) Check out the video below:

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