Vinny Speaks Candidly About His 'Jersey Shore' Departure [Video]

He may have only been back in Seaside Heights for one week, but the anxiety Vinny was experiencing during tonight's "Jersey Shore" became too powerful for him bear and the episode ultimately ended with his weary-eyed departure. Most people can relate to feeling uneasy, or "stressed out," at one time or another--perhaps you've been on edge the night before a big test or work presentation, or you couldn't sleep because you had an argument with a friend--but Vin had been overtaken by a less circumstantial yet all too familiar pain that had no end in sight, and nothing in arm's reach could provide him with peace of mind.

As the Staten Island native revealed on the show, he's long suffered from chronic anxiety that manifests itself in feelings of isolation, irritability and helplessness, as well as physical symptoms such as insomnia and panic attacks. Because of this history, it became important for Vinny to leave the chaotic environment of the Shore for a calmer space where he could rest and recover.

In our special "Jersey Shore Hook-Up with Vinny" below, he offers some backstory on his struggle with anxiety and thoughts on the cast's well-meaning yet futile efforts to make him happy. Check out the video, then take our poll and share whether you think his decision to head home was a good one.


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