Jasmine Ain't Too Pleased With Tyrie As Her 'Exes' Teammate [Video]

On "Rivals," Tyrie and Jasmine shared an intimate moment together, where they arched their bodies over a leaky faucet and--according to legend--bumped some ugly. Even though she came onto the show with a boyfriend, the two were caught with their pants down, and as the cameras documented their sly exits from the loo, we wondered what kind of drama Jaz would have to face back home as a result of her infidelity. Lucky for us, she's been been paired up with Tyrie for this season's "Battle of the Exes,"and we got a chance to speak with Team Jyrie just a short time after they found out their fate. Jasmine wasted not a second telling it like it is, saying--flat out--that if she knew Ty was going to be her partner, she wouldn't have come. (So you're saying he's not your favorite person?)

Check out the interview below to get a feel for the tension surrounding the duo. Evidently, it's not just Tyrie that Jasmine's unhappy with--she fesses up to a first-night fight with Johnny Bananas! According to her, he launched an air biscuit (we have older brothers so we're all up on the fart lingo) right in her face, and she responded the only way she knew how: by chucking a wine bottle right at him, Snooki style. Glad to hear that everything's still status quo, kids.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes