Real Worlders We Wish Had Tried A 'Challenge'

With the upcoming "Battle of the Exes" premiere marking the 22nd season of "The Challenge," it's simple mathematics that most "Real World" alum have seen at least one competition at some point between "Road Rules: All Stars" and "Rivals." Still, there are some RW favorites that said goodbye to MTV permanently when they bid a final adieu to their roomies and respective cities. And we miss them, dammit!

We couldn't help but wonder if the cast members that decided to bolt could have carried the same clout as Coral or CT had they continued on with a "Challenge" or two. So, as we love us some hypothesizing, we decided to string together a little list of ex-Real Worlders that should've given "The Challenge" a shot. Take a look and tell us if you agree with our picks!

Cara Kahn of "Real World: Chicago": The exceedingly articulate 22-year-old from Boston was a roommate to "Challenge" vets Tonya and Aneesa in 2001. Cara was the first of her cast to hook up (in the hot tub, FTW!) but still had the brains to play potential opponents like fiddles. Plus, the generally composed college student had some fight in her when it was needed--when confronted by Tonya, who once mistakenly called her Keri, Cara shot back "Get my f***ing name right, Tonya!" in a criminally underrated quote from the series.

Christina Trainor of "Real World: Paris": Christina was well-liked across the board in the 13th season of "Real World." She was fit, feisty and, most crucial, could put up with C.T.'s sh**. Need we say more? The military brat who loved an omelet is one of only two "Paris" cast members that's never stood in front of TJ Lavin, and we say: Why not?

Scott Herman of "Real World: Brooklyn": When his roommates were playing card games and plotting a mind-numbing series of pranks, Scott was busy in his pad's adjacent gym workin' on his fitness. He wasn't too dramatic and was a borderline prude on the show, but every so often, we generally like to root for a nice guy, and we're confident this one could pull off the elusive first-timer win.

Andrew Woods of "Real World: D.C.": Every so often, the "Challenge" needs a court jester. Ace fit the bill for awhile, and it looks like Nate may take the role over when he tackles "Exes." But few are goofier than the guy who roamed the nation's capital in a panda hat and novelty plastic sunglasses used to stare at boobs without fear of retribution. Would he win? Maybe not, but he'd keep an otherwise dramatic house laughing until the day he took that long flight home.

Ashley Lindley of "Real World: D.C.": You know her "Challenge" asset before we have time to type it: D-R-A-M-A. The former canvasser for President Obama fought with the better part of her "D.C." household at least once before leaving, and we could only hope for the same were she to take on the competition. Ashley said she wasn't a fan of physical contact while on the show, but the last person to say something similar was rookie Kimberly on "The Duel 2," right before she took out one of the strongest competitors in the history of the game, Ruthie. With the right irritation, we see few who could match Ashley in an elimination round.

All of "Real World: New Orleans": The only cast in the history of "Real World" that's never sent forth a single Challenger, it featured two collegiate athletes, a possible sociopath and a guy who might have peed on another guy's toothbrush. What are you waiting for, production?

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