'Jersey Shore' Poll: Is 'The Unit' A D-Bag, Or Just Pretending?

'The Unit' leads his girlfriend toward the TMZ cameras in preparation of his Snooki slam.

Jonny "The Unit" Manfre has certainly upped his celebrity clout lately, both as an instigator on "Jersey Shore" and as a street-walking comedian. When we first talked to the curly-haired beefcake in October, he seemed like your average guido. Well, despite his foot fashions (last time we checked, juicehead gorillas don't pair socks with sandals) and committed relationship with former award-winning porn star Amia Miley (that qualifies as above average).

Back then, he said he had a love/hate relationship with the Seaside girls, but the "love" part was certainly absent when he did a recent interview with TMZ, in which he (tried to) slam our lively meatball into a sad little Snooki pancake by insinuating that she was easy. The seemingly rehearsed diatribe was delivered outside of L.A.'s STK restaurant and it left us thinking that Manfre, who we initially presumed to be a cool confident kid, actually sucked at life.

Unhappy with the bad rap he was presumably going to get from speaking poorly about Snooki, "Unit" called lawyer-turned-gossipmonger Harvey Levin's TMZ to set the record straight. "I play a douchebag on TV, and I look like a douche bag, and I talk like a douchebag, but I'm a nice guy," he claimed.

+ Don't believe that conversation actually went down? Watch it below, then take the poll and let us know if you think "The Unit" is a true, blue d-bag or not.

Is The Unit a douchebag?

  • Heck yeah, he's all up in Snooki's business.
  • Nah. He's harmless.

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Photo: JCalderon/Splash News