Chelsea Was Disappointed To Hear That Megan Was Pregnant [Video]

Chelsea and Megan's friendship just barely survived the huge fight they had last season on "Teen Mom 2." At the time, Chelsea was struggling to keep the peace between Megan and Adam, but in the end, she caved to the pressure and sat back as her BFF packed her things and moved out for good.

The girls have managed to salvage their relationship, but during tonight's episode it was clear that things have changed. When Megan revealed to her former bestie that she was pregnant, Chelsea became quiet, sad even. In an instant, it was as if Chelsea assumed the role of a concerned parent, believing that her own experiences with pregnancy and motherhood should have been a deterrent for Megan.

In this clip from the latest "Teen Mom 2 After Show," Chelsea admits to SuChin Pak that she wasn't exactly thrilled with her friend's news. Megan witnessed firsthand how rough teen pregnancy can be, so Chelsea couldn't believe that Megan didn't take every precaution imaginable to prevent something like this from happening.

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