Leah Expresses Guilt Over Questioning Her Baby's Health [Video]

There was no greater sigh of relief ever exhaled than the one Leah let out during tonight's "Teen Mom 2" upon hearing from the geneticist that her daughter's test results were normal. The young mother of twins had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to find out a solid verdict on Ali's slow growth, no matter what the outcome, and it was an incredible feeling for her to finally get some closure. But what you might not have expected is that almost immediately after receiving Ali's clean bill of health, Leah was sent into a tailspin of guilt. "I felt bad because I doubted her," she tells SuChin Pak in the "Teen Mom 2 After Show" clip below. Her fellow cast members, as well as an audience filled with other young mothers, unanimously agree that Leah was just doing the best she could, and her best was more than good enough. They express huge admiration for her strength and determination--a gesture that brings tears to her eyes.

+ Check out the video to hear more of the moms' kind words and encouragement, then leave Leah your own comment on how you think she handled Ali's health struggles.

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