That 'Awkward.' Girl To Pen Her Own Poetry Collection

If your mom wishes she could go back to high school, where life was never "Awkward" (lucky her), and your best friend has a constant need for the spotlight, sometimes, you've gotta take the road less traveled to stand out. But this time it's not Jenna Hamilton who's making moves. The actress behind her, Ashley Rickards, has just announced that she's broadening her creative horizons by tapping into the writer inside. Soon, she'll even have a collection of poetry for all the world to see.

Rickards took to her brand-new Twitter account to announce she's recently completed a book of rhymes, schemes and stanzas. Is a dactylic hexameter describing the horror of life with Sadie Saxton on the way? Can we expect an ode to The Bard in the form of a love sonnet to Matty McKibben? We can only hope there's ecstasy and heartbreak alike to come, and maybe even a Villanelle about how Ash f***ed up her first shot at a driver's license. Art does often imitate life art, after all.

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Photo: Elisabeth Cervantes