'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Can Jenelle Stay Clean?

Ever since Jenelle pressed domestic violence charges against Kieffer, she's been overwhelmed with feelings of emptiness and angst. During tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 2," Kieffer was released from jail and the young couple vowed to eliminate all the fighting from their relationship, but that wasn't the end of their problems. They had an upcoming court case and Jenelle was facing three charges--one relating to possession of marijuana.

When the young mother sat down with her lawyer to discuss her maximum penalty and their strategy for avoiding jail time, he told her that she had to stay clean if she got probation. It was clear that the idea of going without marijuana made her uncomfortable, and during this clip from our latest "Teen Mom 2 After Show," Jenelle speaks openly with SuChin Pak about self-medicating with weed. She says she used pot as an escape, the same way someone with a panic disorder might turn to anti-anxiety pills to help them get through a rough time, and being told she couldn't smoke put her even more on edge.

+ Assuming Jenelle gets probation, do you think she'll be able to stay clean? Take the poll and share your comments about the young mother's increasingly self-destructive habit.


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