Team FPC And Mama Deena Double As Exterminators [Video]

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays at 10/9c, but you don't have to wait till then to check out the raw footage. Throughout the week, we'll sift through the Jersey Shore Dailies to make sure you're getting your fill of the crew in Seaside Heights. Check out the latest featured clip below.

In Italy, Deena Nicole was close to conniption when her pretend son, Joey D, and his FPC partner-in-crime, Louie, threatened to stay out after curfew. And now that the "Jersey Shore" crew has returned to Seaside Heights, you can only imagine Mama Meatball's terror when an (allegedly) poisonous moth flies into her household and threatens her family's well-being.

Nature's most terrifying creature strikes in the Jersey Shore Dailies clip below, and Deena, Pauly D and Vinny are forced to swallow their fears and chase the thing out. Deena's idea to toss lemons at it while it's perched on the wall is ineffective, and Team FPC's attempt to classify the insect zoologically does little to restore the house to calm. But with some quick thinking by Vinny, who opens the back door, and a fateful ping-pong ball toss by Pauly, the winged villain waves the white flag and flies back out into daylight.

Check out the video below for some astonishing bravery and a sure sign that a future in the bug-killing business could be up the trio's alley.

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