Young People Look For BIG Love In Upcoming 'True Life' [Sneak Peek]

They may not admit to it, but most people have a "type" (we happen to dig tattooed Meatballs who summer at the "Jersey Shore" and have a taste for pickle juice), and on the next episode of "True Life," MTV cameras will follow two young people looking to fill some large shoes. The "chubby chasers" are strictly after the biggest mates they can find, and once they've got 'em, they'll hold on tight.

In the sneak peek of Wednesday's episode below, Tee takes his full-figured girlfriend Ashley to a lingerie shop to get her into some lacy unmentionables. While Ashley tries on a particularly sexy ensemble, Tee explains his fascination for overweight women and how there's nothing more alluring than the sight of them in skimpy clothing. When his girlfriend emerges from the dressing room, Tee's made helpless by his own desire and can barely keep his hands off of Ashley. Save some for after the transaction, dude!

Check out the clip below and make sure to tune in for "True Life: I'm A Chubby Chaser," airing Wednesday night at 9/8c.

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