Vinny And Sarah's 'Exes' Game Plan Involves A Three-way [Video]

Former "Fresh Meat II" lovebirds and upcoming "Battle of the Exes" teammates Vinny and Sarah think they've got what it takes to destroy their "Challenge" competitors. While their late-night Jacuzzi tub love may have eventually sent them packing on "Meat," the two feel they've spent enough time working together that they should fare better this time around. So how do they plan to beat out the big guns?

Days after landing in the Dominican Republic, Vinnarah spoke openly to about their chances--both in the game and in the sheets. Check out the interview below, where they're both adamant (well, he more than she) that hooking up with each other is off the table. Evidently they have significant others back home and refuse to put their relationships in jeopardy...unless, of course, Vinny has an opportunity to tag-team Rachel and Aneesa. "If they want a Boston sandwich then I'll give it to them," he says confidently. Now that's teamwork.

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Photo: Rene Cervantes

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