'Caged' Poll: Are Wes And Red Better Off Apart?

During tonight's series premiere of "Caged," we met a group of small towners looking for ways to break out and define their lives. Wes, a self-made young man with big dreams, sought the opportunity to shift his identity within the chain-link MMA fence. In the ring, he could forget about his ongoing struggles with his ex-girlfriend and son's mother, Red, and instead, focus his energy on beating his opponent.

Despite Wes and Red's split, it's clear that the love is still there. She recognizes the positive impact that fighting has on his life (Wes really wants to prove that despite his humble beginnings he can be a great athlete), continuing to discuss his match preparation with him and even cheering her "babe" on when he steps into the ring. But just because the feelings may still be lingering, that doesn't necessarily mean they're good together.

+ Red and Wes are both at crucial points in their careers--she's in nursing school and he's trying to make a name for himself in Minden. Are they better off focusing on themselves and remaining single, or should they try out the relationship again for their son? Take the poll and sound off!

Are Wes and Red better off apart?

  • Yeah, they're going in different directions.
  • No, they can work it out.

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