Can Daniel Get Back In The Cage After His Crushing Loss?

When Wes and "Danger" stepped into the octagon for the first time on "Caged," they had a lot to prove. But although the cards were stacked against them, they left the fenced-in ring with Ws that counted. On the other hand, Daniel, the sure-bet victor, was dealt a heavy blow that knocked him to the ground--and kept him there. As a medic told the young fighter that he couldn't take a hit for two months, Daniel tried to wrap his bruised head around the shocking loss.

Maybe the pressure to keep the wins rolling in got the best of Daniel, and it's possible that his girlfriend's no-show messed with his head, but the number of mouths agape in the crowd were enough to drive home the point that this was NOT supposed to happen. "I'm fine, I guess," he told his girlfriend's voice mail after the match, yet while he wandered through a nearly empty parking lot with his phone pressed to his ear, nothing seemed less certain.

+ Do you think Daniel, the guy with the well-to-do family and noble goal to honor his deceased former girlfriend, will be able to bounce back from this unexpected loss? Or will his current girlfriend's hot-and-cold demeanor paired with the pressure of local fame keep him from picking up the pieces? Take the poll!

Will Daniel fight again?

  • Of course, one L isn't going to shake him.
  • Not so sure, he went down hard.

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