'Jersey Shore' Tease: Mike Gets Wifed Up, Then Beat Up [Video]

It ain't a "Jersey Shore" party if Mike's not front and center stirring up a situation for his roommates. During the Season 5 premiere, he and his fellow informant "The Unit" strategically planned to punish Snooki for denying that she ever cheated on Jionni. It was a messy idea at best, and even though Snooks was smart to ease the tension by apologizing to the two instigators for her angry reaction, we don't think things will stay peaceful indefinitely.

Good thing we don't have to speculate for too long, because in this supertease, Snooki and Mike's distaste for one another manifests into a filthy water fight. And a quasi-brawl with a Meatball isn't the only trouble Mike gets himself into this season. Later on in the video clip, he breaks Ronnie's No. 1 rule by (appearing to) fall in love at the Shore and also takes a bloody shot to the head. Sounds like it's a busy summer ahead for Sitch!

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