Snooki Shoots For The Moon With Another Tattoo [Photos]

Snooki grins and bears the needle in the name of wearable astronomy.

After declaring herself a member of the royal family with some skin-deep art in September and branding herself with animal-printed stars weeks later, Snooki took to the cosmos once more with her most recent tattoo, and it looks like the ascent into space wasn't a comfortable one for the "Jersey Shore" star. A future mission to Mars might be out of the question.

Nicole got inked up on Sunday during a trip to Los Angeles, and if the photo of her grimacing doesn't speak to her pain, her live-tweeting certainly did. "If I could say every curse word in the book I would," Snooks tweeted as a needle dragged across her flesh. "Well, I am. Out loud and proud." Good thing "The Unit" wasn't anywhere nearby.

+ Take a look at the photo below and tell us if you're a fan of Nicole's newest tattoo!

Snooki, all smiles, shows off her most recent ink.

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Photos: TSEL/Splash News