MTV Twitter Roundup: Spencer Pratt Says Bye To Healing Crystals

The former 'Hills' villain no longer needs his relaxing rock.

Long before Spencer Pratt laced up his cardinal and gold sneaks and enrolled himself at USC, he was a practicing alternative health student with a concentration on the human condition. His interest in crystal therapy was all-consuming, as the oft distraught Malibu king used to carry around a curious pouch of healing gems during episodes of "The Hills."

Well, Spencer may have rubbed his last stone because he tweeted the above photo of an irregular-shaped rock being transported out of his home. And if there was any uncertainty as to whether or not he was still looking for his chakra points and the mythical place of Atlantis, he cleared that up with an unfortunate follow-up tweet that read, "Tragically, I broke my key to Atlantis. I was moving another big crystal and it bumped the Key to Atlantis #shattered #icried." (We're sorry for your loss, Spence, but as the wise Po once said, "There is no secret ingredient." We assume you've seen "Kung Fu Panda"?)

Elsewhere, Spencer's wife Heidi Montag was far more excited about the Season 5 premiere of "Jersey Shore" than his rock collection (we don't blame her), and former "Real World: San Diego roommates Frank and Ashley, who seemingly have nothing in common, found a kosher topic they can both agree on: their affinity for gorilla juiceheads. That settles it. #Jerzday saves!

Check out what they and other MTV stars were up to this week:

UPDATE: We stand corrected. A recent tweet from Spencer verifies that he was not bidding adieu to his giant friend; rather, he was making a place for it. Funny how crystals look the same moving into a house as they do out.

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Photo courtesy of @SpencerPratt