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While Snooki surely enjoyed the fresh pasta and aged vino that's standard of Italy, she had a craving for something much different once she and her Meatball self finally returned to American soil: #PICKLEJUICE. That's right--in case you missed it, Nicole did little else upon breaking through the "Jersey Shore" house's threshold before busting open a jar of whole kosher dills and going bottoms-up on that sucker.

Some Twitter fans took to the social media warehouse to commend Snooks on her culinary boldness, and others expressed worry that she might be doing irreparable damage to her innards. Either way, viewers were captivated by the salty cocktail, which was only one of TWENTY JS trends we caught popping up across the hour-long episode. #EverybodyRyder, #Naughty_Nino and #OhYeahTanningYeah instantly became new catchphrases, while #GTL gave a nod to the classics. But 19 competitors still weren't enough to break our fixation on the P. Juice.

Check out what tweeters had to say about #PickleJuice below, watch the infamous clip of her guzzling it down and make sure to join in on the conversation!

"I will never think of #Snooki and #PickleJuice the same way again after watching #JerseyShore #tonight #teammeatballllllls" -- @JoshuaSmith07

"Do you think @Snooki will ever realize #PickleJuice shots are a hangover cure?" -- @MegSnyder

"@Snooki my dad used to tell me that #PickleJuice would make me grow hair on my chest--Oh, how good, though" -- @KatieSumpter

"#PickleJuice with hot Cheetos is good" -- @SaolaGetsBuck

"@Snooki must never get heart burn with all that #PickleJuice" -- @SarahKGoga

"You couldn't pay me enough money to drink #PickleJuice! Ewww pickles are nastyyyyy!" -- @Smilez4U88

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