Watch JWOWW, Deena And Snooki Bite It On 'Ellen' [Video]

Ellen DeGeneres tests the guidettes' political prowess using her 'Know or Go' apparatus.

Navigating your way though American dialects can be tricky, especially if you're from the "Jersey Shore" and have spent a majority of your life stripping the letter "r" of all its gusto.

Now, if you decide to never travel outside your home state, then you probably won't run into any problems understanding all them foreigners' accents, but Jenni, who joined Snooki, Deena and Sammi on "The Ellen Show" this morning to talk about tonight's Season 5 premiere, found herself in a world of hurt when she mistook the Los Angeles-based host's pronunciation of "caucus" for "carcass" during a high-intensity trivia game.

Check out a clip from Ellen's fun experiment, in which she tests the girls' political knowledge by firing off a batch of questions ranging from remedial level to the completely asinine. Things quickly get stressful when Snooki almost fudges a response about Judge Judy's courtroom, but ultimately JWOWW is the first to go down--and hard--when she answers "a part of the body" to the question, "What is a caucus?"

Tomato, tomahto.

Photo courtesy of "The Ellen Show"