Cory Matthews Accepts An 'Awkward.' Friendship Invitation

It was only months ago that Ben Savage, better known as Cory Matthews from "Boy Meets World," was seen out with party girl Kristin Cavallari after her summer breakup with Jay Cutler. K-Cav and Cutler eventually got back together, but Savage's conviction to get the MTV girl of his dreams seems to stand strong, as the '90s TV star tweeted Greer Grammer and Jillian Rose Reed of "Awkward" today, accepting the gal pals' pleas for friendship.

"Goal of 2012 for @JillianRoseReed and I: Make Ben Savage our BFF," Grammer tweeted on Tuesday. Wednesday came and went without a response, but the guy finally responded this morning with a ""Count me in ;)" cementing his penchant for our networks' finest chicks. More important, the online trio went on to hypothesize what "Awkward" might be like with Savage around. Swimmingly, we predict--after all, was Cory Matthews not the male equivalent to Jenna Hamilton? Perhaps Val could use a co-counselor, or maybe Savage would make the perfect chemistry teacher that's more likely to char his lab coat with a Bunsen burner than pick up on a single social cue. If the too-small shoe fits...

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