JWOWW's New Bikini Line Defies The Laws Of Gravity [Photos]

What goes up, must come down? Not necessarily, if we're talking about JWOWW's new Perfect Tan Bikini line, or the boobs it's barely covering in these promotional pics hot off the "Jersey Shore" siren's official website. According to Jenni's personal message underneath the revealing photos, her suits are both sexy and functional:

"JWOWW by Perfect Tan Bikini is made of a unique fabric and silicone base that allows you to remove the straps for optimum tanning and not worry about your top moving all over the place. The silicone adhesive is activated by the heat, so the hotter you get while tanning in the sun, the more your top will stay in place."

While Jenni's tanned bod certainly looks slammin' in these swimwear designs, we do have to wonder how they fare during high tide. In fact, any type of contact with water, or air, seems awfully risky.

+ Would you dare to wear JWOWW's new bikini line? Tell us in the comments whether or not you think it's the greatest creation since Pajama Jeans, plus, check out more of JWOWW's unique fashion sense and products at MTV Style.

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Photos courtesy of JWOWW.com