Kieffer Tries To Guilt Jenelle About Pressing Charges [Sneak Peek]

Jenelle considered ending her relationship with Kieffer ever since Season 1 of "Teen Mom 2," but it's been tough for her to follow through. At times, he provided her with comfort that she was unable to get elsewhere, and she just couldn't bear to give that up. However, the second he put his hands on her during the most recent episode, she knew that she had to break up with him and press charges. Shoving her was unacceptable, and the only way she could ensure that it wouldn't happen again was to file a formal complaint.

In this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, Jenelle deals with the aftermath of Kieffer's aggression by driving him to jail. With an arrest warrant already issued, he decides to turn himself in, but not before inappropriately guilting Jenelle for her actions. It's already a terrible circumstance, and trying to deflect the blame seems to only aggravate her.

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